Food is Art

Growing up my mother was an amazing cook. She could make fantastic meals out of seemingly nothing in the kitchen. I began to love being creative with food. I needed it to look good, smell good, taste good and put a smile on someone’s face. This is my goal with Mama Misty’s Kitchen, to make people’s lives a little easier and put a smile on their face.

While doing a bake sale to raise money for my walk in November at the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer, I had overwhelming numbers of people telling me I should open a shop. They wanted more. I love to cook and bake, so I started taking orders, a few at a time. Suddenly I was swamped with orders and great ideas about what else I could sell. I loved the idea of creating your order anyway you like it, we are all individuals and we should have the freedom to order what we like without compromising. Home cooked meals and treats, delivered to your home, and put a smile on your face is what my company is about.

I decided to make my business a delivery service to give people that little bit of extra time to spend with their families and friends. The delivery service was a no brainer. Other than pizza, there is very little that you can order for delivery. Most people work all day, then have to cook dinner, clean up, and then are too tired to do much else. Mama Misty’s Kitchen will do this for you. Deliver a home cooked meal, a couple dozen old fashion scratch cookies, some warm, fudgy brownies or whatever your heart desires; giving you some extra precious moments to relax or spend some quality time with your family.

Let us do the work for you. You deserve this!